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"When choosing between two paths,
ask yourself which one has heart.
Who chooses the path of the heart is never wrong."
(Popol Vuh)


Taa' Pi't NGO, an Intercultural Learning Center for Tz’utujil Mayan children, is a unique, Mayan-founded non-profit in the Highlands of Guatemala on Lake Atitlan, in San Pedro la Laguna.

Taa’ Pi’t serves students between 8 and 12 years old with programs in:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Ecological Education of Lake Atitlan founded in the Mayan cosmovision.
  • Essence of Nutrition with our students' mothers - Ruk'ux Qa Way K'uya

The benefits of these programs are far-reaching: profoundly changing the capabilities and attitudes of the children, influencing their families and the community, and also helping to strengthen the Maya Tz'utujil cultural heritage and contribute to our dream of helping to protect Lake Atitlan - Qa Tee' Ya', (Our Mother Lake).


Students dancing with 2 songs written for Lake Atitlan.

1. - Mother Lake with Children of Taa' Pi't and Dances of Universal Peace, 2017
2. - Mother Nature with Children of Taa 'Pi't and Dances of Universal Peace, 2017