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On behalf of the heart of the Lake, heart of the Earth,
heart of Heaven and heart of "Ajaw"
(the abstract divinity, energy of the universe) - Hunahpu.



What is Mayan Cosmovision?


…(It) is one that is based on the harmonious relationship of all elements of the universe in which to be human is only one more element.  The earth is the mother who gives life and maize (corn) is a sacred symbol which the culture revolves around. (AIDEPI, 1995)

It is a way of feeling, a way of being, a way of life that constitutes the daily path  through all times and throughout the existence of being alive, including to be human. This is found immersed in time which corresponds to a code of ethics. (Book of Mayan Cosmovision for United Nations).


Popol Vuh

The Popol Vuh is the sacred book of the Mayas and is the only one that has survived throughout history. It is a compilation of myths, legends and histories of the K'iche Maya culture (one of the 23 ethnic communities in Guatemala).