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altDr. Bárbara Rogoff     

altBenefactor and founder of the present Municipal Library of San Pedro la Laguna, Solola, Barbara was a devoted . collaborator  and fundamental supporter in  creation of the Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning, Taa 'Pi't Kortess, NGO.

Most recently, Barbara has published ¨Developing Destinies, A Mayan Midwife and Town¨.

Through the life experiences of Chona Pérez, born with the destiny of becoming a Mayan sacred midwife, Dr. Rogoff illuminates how individuals worldwide build on cultural heritage from prior generations and at the same time create new ways of living.  "Developing Destinies" is an engaging narrative of one remarkable person´s life and the life of her community (San Pedro la Laguna) that blends psychology, anthropology, and history to reveal the integral role that culture plays in human development. (from book jacket)


altThe Skoll Foundation, U.S.A.

In 2005 Taa’ Pi’t received a grant from The Skoll Foundation, founded by Jeff Skoll. Keely Stevenson of Skoll, visited us on site, and with these funds we were able to secure the equipment for our computer laboratory, obtain our NGO legal status in Guatemala and stay in operation until 2007.

Our internal virtual library is named Skoll Foundation Library in honor of the The Skoll Foundation.

During their 2011 Tour, Juan Manuel, Director of Taa’ Pi’t and board member Nancy Lynn, with Dr. Barbara Rogoff, visited the Skoll Foundation and met with Sally Osberg, CEO and Keely Stevenson to thank them in person for giving Taa’ Pi’t their beginnings,  and to share with them the growth and results of this support.



Nancy Lynn, Dr. Rogoff, Juan Manuel, Sally Osberg and Keely Stevenson