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Don Agapito Cortez was called in the Tz’tujil language of his community, Taa’ Pi't Kortees and was one of the first professionals and teachers of San Pedro la Laguna. He worked 33 years in bilingual education of children. He wore the traditional clothes  of the culture, but in this time when racism was more obvious in the educational system, his superiors asked him to change his clothes or lose his job as a teacher. He preferred to lose his job and  not change his clothing, but it was necessary for his service as a teacher. Finally later,  his traditional dress was accepted.








Photo from 1974


Likewise, Taa 'Pi't was the one who demanded that the present municipal library be built.

In honor of this man, the legal formal name of our center is Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning Workshops Taa' Pi't Kortees, NGO.

Taa' Pi't cutting coffee (from 1985)