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U.S.A. Visit 2014

Nancy Lynn, International Coordinator, will be visiting the U.S. July 15 - September 28 with a unique interactive presentation:


With an auction of one-of-a-kind tunics designed using traditional Mayan fabrics!

Dates and Places will be announced soon.

For more information, please write Nancy Lynn This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






U.S.A. Visit 2012

With Juan Manuel Chavajay Cotuc, Director & Co-founder of Taa’ Pi’t

Intercultural Learning Center and a Tzutujil Maya leader from

“T’zunun Ya’” (Hummingbird of the Lake) -San Pedro la

Laguna on Lake Atitlan Tour 2012.







Juan Manuel traveled a second time to the U.S. and Canada to shares stories of his Maya cosmovision roots and his “cosmo-mission” and how this led him to this crucial time in history 2012. He shared how he has traveled from his vision of creating a small grassroots program for children to participating in community leadership roles where Maya around the country are re-taking their ancestral wisdom and knowledge to face the challenges in these times.

Nancy Lynn McCoy, (formerly of Leavenworth, WA) joined Juan Manuel translating and sharing her story of working with this unique organization and helping to build bridges of cooperation and harmony across cultures.




U.S.A. Visit  2011 (May - August)

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Casita Lula
Linda in Oregon
J. Manuel at We...

Juan Manuel Chavajay Cotuc, Director of Taa’ Pi’t, spoke and presented slides about the center’s programs that offer educational possibilities barely dreamed of by most Mayan children. In his presentation, Juan Manuel gave an overview of the socio-political, economic, educational and cultural context in which the Mayans live in Guatemala. He also introduced our newest program, “Journey to the Heart of Guate-Maya” – Tours with Taa' Pi’t.




Letter from Juan Manuel

Each of my honorable hosts and donors,

On behalf of the children, parents of our Intercultural Center Taa' Pi't NGO, I am deeply grateful for your warm hospitality, solidarity and donations. It was a great honor for me to share with each you and be in your homes – a time that I will never forget. My heart was glad to know you.

As well, I am thankful for the financial donations that are so needed.  Each one reflects a great act of the heart which we deeply appreciate.

Your help was, is and will continue to be necessary to improve the education of our children, strengthen our Maya Tz'utujil culture and contribute to the protection of Lake Atitlan.

 I love you, thank you.


Juan Manuel Chavajay Cotuc