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This  program is our response to the

cyanobacteria bloom in Lake Atitlán in 2009.

Although impossible, the people of San Pedro tried to clean Lake Atitlan.







Emphasis is being placed on respect,

care and protection of Lake Atitlan

"Qa Tee 'Ya'" (Our Mother Lake)

from the traditional Mayan Cosmovision.



A photo from the 1940’s showing the transparency of Lake Atitlan.


Our goal is to reinforce the thoughts, feelings and Mayan practices

in terms of harmonious coexistence between humans and Mother Nature,

specifically to Lake Atitlan "Qa Tee' Ya' (Our Mother Lake)

through the attitude of care and respect for all life forms.









A Mother Nature class (Qa Tee' Ya') at the shore of Lake Atitlan.