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The children are our future.
The future begins now.



Selection of Our Students:


In our database we have an inventory of  the most vulnerable families in poverty which is our source for the selection of 50% of our students.

The other 50% of our students is selected by the Supervisor of Education of San Pedro, through the directors of each school. Five of the best students are selected from these schools to particiate in our program.





Conditions of Students:

50% of our students are from farming families, many without education or low educational levels and are most vulnerable to poverty. In these families, usually the father is the one who generates income and it is usually the mother who manages the home.

Our students are Maya-Tz'utujil, from 6 to 11 years of age. They attend our program before or after their regular school day, without economic cost.



Mother Nature Class Qa Tee' Ya' (Our Mother Lake) 2011


altMy name is Cheyli Magdajuaquina.  I am 8 years old and study at the School Pachanay and there are 4 in my family.

One day my father told me to go to the store to buy soda, to drink at lunch. I told him I didn’t want to drink soda. He said to me, “I buy the pop for you,” and I told him that the pop is unhealthy and that pineapple smoothie is best to drink during lunch. My father laughed and told me that it would be cheaper to buy pineapple and I went to the market to buy it. And so we all drank pineapple smoothie.






My name is Milton.  I am 10 years old and study at the School Guillermo Batz and there are 5 in my family.

We are a family who live near the lake, and one day I told my dad, "I'm just going back alone to clean the shores of “Qa Tee Ya."  In fact, he was surprised by my loving expression “Our Mother Lake”  and asked me why I called it “Mother Lake”  and I explained to him the meaning and why she was considered like a mother by our grandparents.





altHer name is Nasly Estela. She is 7 years old, studies at Bethel Evangelical College and has two older sisters.

This is a letter she wrote to her father:


Mother Nature is one of my inspirations. I, being your daughter, want our environment to be better than we have now.  Here we can change ourselves.

Your daughter,  Nasly.





In the Computer Technology Class 2011


altI am Annie Victoria. I am 10 years old and attend Cental School.  There are 5 in my family.

Regarding school (public school), I’m more advanced and I have more knowledge in some programs.  Most of my colleagues come to me for help.  Also, in my family I help my older siblings because they didn’t have the opportunity to attend a computer course, and in some cases, I help my father.






altI am Freddy Gomez.  I am 9 years old and attend Getsemani School.  There are 6 in my family.

It has helped me greatly to attend computer courses here because I have received much information that the school (public) does not teach us, as well as the interactive programs we do here (in Taa’ Pi’t) in the computers. In the last review I had in my school it was very easy to solve because most content was reviewed in the  (The Skoll Foundation) Virtual Library.



Translated from video on home page:



In the words of Antonio.

I think it is necessary to use what people think is not useful (recycle). We are learning in our Mother Nature classes to reuse many things and we are applying this in our homes and sharing it with our friends and students in our schools.

I have learned many things that I didn’t know when I was a child.


 altIn the words of Maria

The work they (our teachers) are doing

with us is very necessary because they are teaching us

how to clean our lake and not dirty it more.