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In March 2019 we implemented our new program  "Essence of Nutrition - Ruk'ux qa Way K'uya", with the help of a grant from PangeaGiving.

The program Essence of Nutrition was created for the mothers of our students using nutritious recipes, with a transition to organic ingredients, and likewise with relevance to the Mayan culture.

The cooking workshops are held once a week and consists of three parts:

The first classes are to raise awareness of growing malnutrition and reflect on ecological problems of Lake Atitlan and our immediate environment.

The second is the reflection on ancestral-spiritual practices in relation to the preparation and consumption of food for its sacred character. Our participating mothers now use the phrase “good energies are the best ingredients.”

The third part is to put into practice recipes together with the knowledge of the nutritional properties of each food. To date, forty recipes have been developed that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, atoles (traditional drinks), refreshment drinks and snacks.

The results in progress are very favorable to contribute to the sanitation of Lake Atitlan, the immediate environment, and the economy and the health of families