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The children are our future. The future begins now.




Selection of Our Students:

One part our students are found by staff visits to our nine community primary schools.

Others register directly, through their interest and knowledge of our programs.

Children are able to start at any age between 8 and 11, and may continue up to 12 years old.






A group of our students in 2019 with their teacher Vilma, showing their project of bamboo pots planted with medicinal and herbal plants.


Conditions of Students:

Approximately 50% of our students are from farming families, many without formal education or low educational levels. These families are most vulnerable to poverty. Usually the father generates income and the mother manages the home.

Our students are Maya-Tz'utujil, from 8 to 12 years of age. They attend our programs after their regular school day, without economic cost.